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Local record store provides space to shop, talk, discover music

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By Angie Medina

From the heavy sound of electric guitars to the smoothness of jazz, Penrose Record Room has it all. 

Located in the basement of the Life and Arts Center in downtown Riverside, this record store provides a well-rounded selection of music for everyone to enjoy. 

The shop which had its grand opening Oct. 28, is co-owned by Gabe Roth who is the Grammy award-winning producer known as Bosco Mann and Matt Beld, guitarist of Vicky and The Big Beat. 

The shop stems from a local record label, Penrose Records and offers a special selection of records from artists in the Penrose and Daptone family. You can also find a mix of Rock, Pop, Country, R&B, Jazz and Latin music.

Penrose label bands performed throughout the opening weekend. Los Yesterdays, Vicky Tafoya and The Big Beat, The Escapers and The Altons came out to support and perform on the mini stage inside the record store.

 “I want to have a cool place in Riverside where people feel good about discovering music, holding music, listening to music, talking about music and hanging out,” Roth said. 

Both Roth and Beld have been in the music scene for the majority of their life and they hope to share their love for it in the community. 

“We’re trying to recreate the feeling that we got when we were young,” Beld said. “We see that kind of life in young people and we want to facilitate that.”

Roth, who owns the Penrose label, shares that he enjoys being on the other side of the music sales. 

“It’s inspiring for me seeing people excited about the records they’re holding,” Roth said. “I see a number on a piece of paper saying ‘You sold this many records’ but it’s real different when you meet somebody and you can talk to them about the music. It makes a much closer connection. I dig it.”

Inspired by their Riverside roots, both owners intend to leave a lasting impression in the community.

“Our hopes for the future is that we can help as many folks as we can and hopefully we’re here for a long long time,” Beld said. 

More to come on Penrose Record Room in Spring 2024

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