Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor should be kept to 250 words or less and include contact information. Deliver letters to the Viewpoints office in the room behind the old Assessment Building.

An electronic copy is required.

Viewpoints reserves the right to edit letters for space and to reject libelous or obscene letters.

Letters to the editor and columns represent the opinions of the individual writers and do not necessarily reflect those of the entire Viewpoints staff, Viewpoints faculty advisers, student  government, faculty, administration nor the Board of Trustees.

One response to “Letters to the Editor

  1. Heard you first time May 7! Congrats! News in question was about faith-based groups in US prisons. Altho mostly excellent reporting, vocabulary was somewhat pejorative. What was omitted was the most important result of Christian-based programs!!! The recidivism rate for those who become Christians in prison and remain connected with their programs is much lower than any other grouping. It’s this fact that makes Christian programs in our prison so beneficial to the correctional aspect of prisons. As a part of such a program as a volunteer, I am thrilled at what we are accomplishing for society!! Keep up the free expression of ideas in the public square!!

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