About us

The Journalism program offers an Associate Degree in Journalism as well as an Area of Emphasis in Communication, Media, and Languages.

Students in the Journalism program at Riverside City College employ ethical principles and practical skills when they present their work to the public in print and online. Students are encouraged to serve the public in their journalism work, and they excel in storytelling with text, digital photos and online videos in their newspaper and website.

The Journalism program has a strong track record of success. Students in the program win many national, state, and regional awards, including:

-More than 300 Journalism Association of Community Colleges individual awards from 1996-2018, 33 JACC General Excellence awards from 1996-2018, JACC state Pacesetter Award, and JACC Best newspaper in Southern California. 

-Associated Collegiate Press national Best of Show Newspaper in 2015, 2011 and 2004; ACP national Multimedia Story of the Year in 2009; ACP national Pacemaker awards in 2005 and 2004; ACP national Opinions Story of the Year in 2003; ACP national Sports Story of the Year in 2000; five ACP annual All-American awards.

-Four awards from the California College Media Association in 2015.

-California Newspaper Publishers Association Best Writing, 2012.

-Fifty-two Society of Professional Journalists awards.

-Three Los Angeles Times College Newspaper Overall Excellence awards.

The Journalism program, which has served students and the college community with a newspaper since 1922, has kept pace with the changes in media occurring nationwide. While the program continues to offer a print newspaper, it has added a website, Viewpoints Online, and other sites such as a special national and state elections website that won a prestigious national multimedia award in 2009 in competition with university student media. For more information, visit the following website:

Viewpoints online edition: http://www.viewpointsonline.org

Graduates of the program are prepared to transfer to universities and to work in a variety of media and affiliated fields. They can write text stories and video scripts, work as part of a multimedia team, design print and online media, and put their critical thinking skills to use in their media work.

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