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Nothing’s ‘The Great Dismal’ soothes the soul

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Nothing, formed in 2010, is a rock band from Philadelphia. “The Great Dismal” is their new album. (Illustration by Julian Navarro | Viewpoints)
By Stephanie Arenas

This year has been dismal for many people across the country. 

Many have gotten sick, others have lost jobs, and many feel isolated due to quarantine.

Times are tough for everyone, but some have still found ways to begin appreciating the little things in life. Fans of the Philadelphia rock band Nothing are enjoying the little things in life with the new album “The Great Dismal.”

The group was formed in 2010 and consists of lead singer and guitarist Dominic Palermo, guitarist and backup vocalist Doyle Martin, bassist Aaron Heard and drummer Kyle Kimball.

“The Great Dismal,” which is their fourth album, was released Oct. 30 and has garnered plenty of well-deserved attention from music fans in the scene.

Before you listen to this album, be sure to prepare a hot cup of tea. The tunes are warm and envelop the listener in a warm mental blanket on a cold winter night. 

The album invites its listeners to join them on a journey to the great unknown. Their lyrics inspire existential explorations of the mind and relax the body over the 45-minute album.

A personal favorite of mine is the song “Catch a Fade.” With references to the state of the world right now, this song gives listeners hope that there will eventually be a better future for society.

“Tired / I was tired / It’s a marvel that my shell has / Kept its shape,” the lyrics read.

You may feel alone without the comfort of their friends and family around in these socially distant times. The soothing sounds of songs on “The Great Dismal,” help listeners remember that they are not alone in this world.

These are hard times for everyone and it is important to understand that we must stick together and get through it all.

Music can be therapeutic and help improve the quality of our mental health. It gives us the comfort we need and inspiration to appreciate the little things in life.

“The past year has been difficult, and it’s an unexpected difficulty,” Palermo said in an interview with Revolver on Sept. 26. “It’s a strange world to navigate right now, especially being a bit cynical like I am. I can find the humor in all of it, but it’s kind of hard to do in that aspect.”

Overall, “The Great Dismal” is extraordinarily produced and manages to sound simultaneously heavy and graceful.

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