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A Wild Love Affair

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Opening night for the musical, “The Wild Party,” was full of suspense, glamour, jealousy and jazz.

Queenie, a vaudeville dancer, fell in love with Burrs, a vaudeville clown. Things between the couple started off steamy, but the romance started to wear off as she realized Burrs nasty habits and his tendency to stray away.

Her brilliant plan, to throw the greatest and biggest party there ever was in hopes of embarrassing Burrs and fuel him with crazy jealousy.

What Queenie didn’t see coming was a night of tragedy and regret.The Roaring Twenties extravaganza was full of flappers, gangsters and dancers. Almost each set was filled with dance and dynamic singing.

The orchestra for the musical was jazzy enough to set the perfect mood. The cast and orchestra performed 21 songs for the play. The opening musical number was “Queenie was a Blonde.”

The music was exciting and upbeat. The cast delivered a good performance, and Audra Brown, who played the character of Queenie, managed to bring her character to life as she sashayed the stage.

Osvaldo Mendoza and Brittney Thomas performed “Two of a Kind.” Their animated characters, Eddie and Mae, kept the audience laughing with their vibrant musical number.

“A Wild, Wild Party” was another number that the cast performed beautifully. It was full of energy and comedy that had the whole audience captivated.

For Audra Brown, who played the lead role of Queenie, was excited as she described her first night performing “The Wild Party.”

“It was good,” said Brown.

“There was a couple of rough patches, but there’s nothing you can do.”

As for preparing for the role, Brown said, “It was hard.” She had never been that position before, and did the best she could.

Brown gave a great performance.

She added credibility to her character, especially when she did her first number.

Jodi Julian, the director of the musical, was proud of her pupils.

“It was intense,” said Julian. “They did a great job.”

The musical took place right here on Riverside City College theatre, and it was mostly performed by RCC students, who gave an impressing performance.

“The Wild Party” had a bit of everything. There was comedy, drama, romance, and plenty singing and dancing.

RCC Performing Arts definitely has some shows worth watching.

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