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Club Rush sparks an interest

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By Shardai Perry / Features Editor

By Shardai Perry / Features Editor

Club rush was held March 1st through the 3rd in the A.G. Paul Quadrangle.

With free candy and friendly recruiters, the quad was filled throughout most of the day.

This semester Riverside introduced a plethora of clubs. From their usual Gender Sexual Awareness club, which is now trying to gain signatures for a petition to have a safe room located on campus.

To the first year Sustainability club, who are already making moves towards planting a garden on campus.

They have a club for all types of students, whether your interested in becoming a feminist or just need an extra hobby and want to join the karate club.

They have got something for everyone. A lot of clubs are already fund rasing or looking for sponsors to go on field trips.

The photo club is already in the works of planning a trip this summer.

The S.T.E.M. club is looking for sponsors so they can participate in a student spaceflight program involving NASA.

Sustainability club is also looking for donations to begin their school garden as well as other events.

If clubs are not trying to fund raise or petition for something, then they were simply trying to expand their programs by outreaching to students and staff.

The Biological Science club is looking for more members, because the more students they have the bigger the experiments they can do, and the better equipment they can get.

As well as the anthropology club which is a new and upcoming club this year.

Some clubs weren’t set up at club rush but had representatives out.

The Christian club on campus had members walking around club rush and inviting students to a bible study that was happening right then and there.

From the study of human life, to the mastering of a kick, and the practice of your first amendment, there has to be some club that’s worth joining. Clubs will be setting out their booths through out the year to recruit even more students.

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