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Connect to students and faculty? Find out about events and clubs on campus? There’s an app for that

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The Associated Students of Riverside City College (ASRCC) have come out with an app this fall to better inform and connect students to the many resources and events on campus.

The ASRCC app launched on Welcome Day on Aug. 24. The idea to create an app formed early this summer and started officially being planned in July.

“We started planning in early July and then it came out at the end of August, so we were really pushing hard and working every day during summer to get it up and running,” said ASRCC Secretary Jennifer Reyes.

Some of the features on this app include information about ASRCC and clubs on campus, information on upcoming events, community resources and student discounts, and even a “Dude, where’s my car?” feature.

“A lot of students nowadays have smartphones and are always downloading apps and a lot of people also don’t check their email, so instead of usjust sending out a bunch out of emails, which we still do, we wanted to try to find a new, more modern way to send out information, and we figured let’s try this app and see how it works getting information out,” said Reyes.

The app can also be easily updated with new information and new features can be added at any time as well.

“It’s easy for us to add information on there, so we’re still adding stuff. Were also trying to get the hookups for Web Advisor, and working on making sure the push notifications work, so if we have an event, we can easily notify students to come down,” said Reyes.

ASRCC has been encouraging students to download the app by offering free stuff for showing the app to an ASRCC representative at events on campus.

“We tell people at our events what’s on the app, and they seem really interested in it, so hopefully as time goes by and it gets more developed, it’ll get more popular, so it’ll be something every student has,” Reyes said.

The app is free to download to anyone in app stores.

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