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Students donate blood at RCC


The turnout of LifeStream’s blood drive on Oct. 26 was much stronger than expected, students were supposed to book an appointment to donate blood on the website but the amount of students who turned up at Riverside City College’s Quad was higher than those who had booked appointments, according to nurse Hazel Loerta.

EDITORIAL: Will elect leaders for food

We get it. It’s just community college. No big deal. Why should we care who our leaders are? Riverside Community College District recently appointed a new chancellor. Riverside City College is in the process of hiring a new president. Elections are being held for a new student trustee. Associated Students of Riverside City College elections

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RCC City Grill fires up prices for the fall semester

Photos by Jaishon Johnson | Staff Photographer Article by Raziel Muniz | Staff Writer Sept. 18, 2014 The fall semester has begun and with the end of summer heat seemingly nowhere in sight, Riverside City College welcomes not only the highest temperatures of the year, but also the highest prices for food and refreshments at the City Grill. Hot

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Mental illness on RCC campus

Mark Anthony Howard | Opinions Editor   How important is the mental capacity of a college student? Mental illness is prioritized concern here on RCC campus. Dr. Dan Casella is a psychiatric counselor here on campus. On my last visit to his office he and I discussed my own mental health concerns and the different things that may be affecting it. I

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Site assists students’ studies

Aaliyah Noble-Freeny | Staff Writer As the semester comes to a close students inevitably begin preparing for final exams. To help, on Nov. 19 an education technology company called “Studymode” launched a new study game called “Jewels of Wisdom” on its flashcard site Cram.com. Cram.com is a website used by students and teachers around the world that consists of more than 70 million preset

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WRC time stands still

There’s an irony in the fact that on its brochure he Writing and Reading Center emphasizes “self-paced.“ It’s hard to imagine the purpose of the writing center to be anything other than a waste of students and faculty’s time. Riverside City College’s WRC is designed to help students in English classes to work toward success

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Students hope for honors

  Students submit their best work to impress at conference. David Roman | Staff Writer Assuming community college is all about partying and students with a laissez-faire attitude towards their education is commonplace. When one actually takes the time to see the work honors students at Riverside City College are putting in towards their futures, the notion could not be further from the truth.

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Unsung hero helps students

ASIA HORTON | STAFF WRITER The unsung heroes of Riverside City College work tirelessly year-round to help make the dreams of so many students become a reality. We hardly notice them as they work quietly behind a stack of files; answer endless questions from incoming phone calls and endure disgruntled students and their issues. As you

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Park at your own risk

Loud horns, angry drivers and missed classes. Finding parking at RCC is a frustrating battle every semester that brings out the nastiest attitudes in our student body. Before heading to school, many students are overwhelmed by the amount of red found on their smartphone GPS applications and leave home knowing that if they do not

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Financial aid refute

Below is a rubuttal concerning the news article, “The FAFSA trap” on page three of Viewpoints’ September 19 issue. ELIZABETH HILTON |STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES DIRECTOR Our current disbursement product, the Sallie Mae Debit Card, is available to students who chose to sign up for the card to receive their funds. If a student chooses to

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