SAGA hosts the second drag show of the school year, an eccentric performance filled with pride on the RCC campus

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By Angie Escalante

Drag queens sparkled, giving their all dancing and lip-syncing through the cafeteria for Riverside City College students. Hollers, rhythmic clapping and laughter could be heard all around as everyone expressed their exhilaration. 

The event was hosted by the Sexuality and Gender Acceptance Club (SAGA) to provide a space for the members of the LGBTQIA2+ to be themselves on campus.  

Anita Rose, the drag show host, cracked jokes and hyped up the crowd in between sets. She poked fun at the other queens when introducing them.

The drag show was amazing with Rose’s sense of humor, Chyna Nicole’s astounding costumes, Luna La Rose Fierce’s intense performances, Scarlette Hawthorne’s energy and Daisy Hollywood’s confidence.

The songs had students singing along and grooving. 

Lila Rodriguez, an RCC student and SAGA club member, had only been to one drag show before and was glad they were here for this one.

“I’ve always wanted to go back (to a drag show),” they said. “So this is an awesome opportunity.”

Reed MacLean, an RCC student, attended the previous drag show SAGA hosted.

“(The show is) getting better every year,” MacLean said. “Definitely coming back again because it’s one of my favorite things the school does.” 

The event was a welcoming and supportive one. Anita Rose reminded students that nobody knows what people are going through and to not make things worse. 

“And remember, be nice to each other,” Rose said as they closed the show. “Because it’s f—ing free.”

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