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The ‘SAGA’ continues at Riverside City College

By: Clarissa Corral The Sexuality and Gender Acceptance Club’s drag show was cancelled this semester for the first time in the event’s six year history due to disorganization and lack of funding by the club. They were unable to book certain drag performers and failed to pay the required fees in order for them to

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Drag show takes over Riverside City College cafeteria for Halloween bash

by Patrick Tindall Students at Riverside City College’s cafeteria were trick-or-treated to an impromptu post-Halloween drag show. Nov. 1 Student’s dining in the cafeteria were surprised when their lunches of chicken fingers, french fries and Top Ramen were interrupted by loud music and a gaggle of spooky performers organized by RCC’s own Gender and Sexuality

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VIP Nightclub brings out the divas of the night

Deshaun Thomas | Staff Writer Oct 30, 2014 A special kind of wonderful fusion takes place on Halloween. The fusion of the “normal” and the not so “normal.” The minorities once regarded by some as peculiar get a chance to express themselves and be uninhibited in doing so. They are no longer bound by societal

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