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ASRCC election results announced

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By Samantha Bartholomew
(From right) Maritzza Jeronimo and Clara Velarde elected as ASRCC president and vice president. (Stacy Soriano | Viewpoints )

Students elected a new president and vice president of Associated Students of Riverside City College, as well as the District’s student trustee for the 2017-2018 school year May 2-3.

Maritzza Jeronimo and Clara Velarde won the positions of ASRCC president and vice president with 293 votes.

Their opponents, Bryan Barrera and Simranjeet Singh had 221 votes.

Jeronimo has been involved with ASRCC since her first semester at RCC in Fall 2015, as well as being an active member of organizations such as the Puente Club, the Latina Leadership Network and InterClub Council.

“These opportunities have given me the experience to successfully chair meetings and sit through various subcommittees,” Jeronimo said.

Velarde, a former ASRCC senator, said she has strived to use her leadership positions, past and present, to voice the concerns and hopes for students that she believes go unheard.

“As a member of the Latinx and LGBT community, I feel the need to raise awareness of the issues that surround students on campus.”

Jeronimo and Velarde led their campaign with the slogan “For the students, with the students!”

“Together we want to detect the issues at RCC and find solutions for these issues,” Velarde said.

The issues Jeronimo and Velarde plan on tackling during the terms include student union and engagement, awareness of resources available to students, student sustainability, mental health awareness and taking on student homelessness.

“We would like to create a space for our students where they feel comfortable and that encourages them to be more involved,” Velarde said.

At the start of the Fall 2017 semester, Moreno Valley College’s Jeanette Hazelwood will take on the role of student trustee after gaining 164 votes.

Hazelwood said she hopes to use her background in nursing to fight for students that have gone ignored.

“I have a passion for students and people in general,” Hazelwood said. “I feel that some students have concerns and unresolved issues that maybe go unheard because they are afraid to speak out.”

Hazelwood said she plans to create an open communication between the Associated Students Organizations so as to be the best possible advocate for students.

“It will be my honor and privilege to serve, listen and advocate for my fellow classmates at RCCD,” Hazelwood said.

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