Celebrating Valentine’s Day while being single

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By Paola Palacios


You do not need to be in a relationship or dating someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

There are many people that like to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In the Times article, “The truth about Valentine spending,” the National Retail Federation said that 55 percent of Americans celebrate the day of love. With the consumer spending on average $116 according to statisticbrain.com.

Being single on Valentine’s Day is not a bad thing. There are many different ways that one can celebrate the holiday without the need of an other half.

Valentine’s Day is a day in which a card or gift is given to someone special according to Webster’s dictionary.

You do not necessarily need to give someone a gift or a card. You can go to the movies with friends. If you want to be in the Valentine’s Day mood, the much anticipated movie “Fifty Shades Darker” is hitting theaters Feb. 10, or you can go for the thriller “Rings” to go for the anti-Valentine’s Day mood.

Going to the movies with friends is not the only thing you can do. You can have a little get together at someone’s house and have a party. You can have a bring your own and have everyone share what they bought. Or in some cases have a certain theme to your party. It can be anything from Star Wars to Harry Potter theme or just make up your own.

Overall enjoy yourself this day. Do not feel bad because you don’t have that special someone to celebrate with. You are loved either way and someone will come one day. Just wait there is no need to rush. If you just lost someone that you thought was the special someone let me just tell you that one person wasn’t the one for you.
Here’s to you having a single Valentine’s day.

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