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Access for disabled students on campus lacking



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Members of the Riverside City College Community  weigh in on the lack of automatic door buttons on campus

By Adrian Oviedo | Freelance
Andrew Brady | Viewpoints | An RCC student uses a door assistance button in the Bradshaw Building May 25.

Riverside City College is a beautiful campus with a grass area for students to study or relax. If one looks closely around campus it is noticeable that there are a limited number of automatic door buttons on campus.

“Touch-type automatic door uses a wall mounted switch or panel that automatically opens the door. This type is one of the most common types of automatic door opener that is used in public places. The individual needs to press the switch or panel, which is normally installed on the wall near the door, to operate it,” according to Georgia Tech Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access.

RCC disabled student Alejandra Orozco who uses a wheelchair shared her experience about getting around campus.

“I think they are needed I have strength in my arms so, I can open doors,” Orozco said. “But, I think it would definitely benefit a lot of students.”

  A lack of automatic door buttons can make it difficult for students to enter a building or open doors on their own.

“I remember this one time I was walking by, and a student was trying to open the door and he couldn’t. So I went over and helped him,” RCC student Quinn Jackson said. “I think the school should have the buttons and not limit students.”

 This will change in the future with the construction of the Dr. Charles A. Kane Student Services and Administration building which will have the automatic door buttons. According to Chris Carlson who is the chief of staff and facilities development for the Riverside Community College District.

Carlson explained why there is limted number of button were on campus.

“The new Dr. Kane building will have the automatic door opening button,” she said.

The building was unveiled on April 23.

Although the new building will have the buttons many current buildings on campus do not; with the exception of one that is located in the Bradshaw Building cafeteria.

“They’re not required,”Carlson said. “The campus is very accessible it has sliding doors and elevators.”

The Disabled Student Resource Center now located in the O.W. Noble Administration Building, has sliding doors that allow students to walk up to the door and the door opens. The Digital Library also has an elevator in order for students to gain access to the facility.

Carlson explained why older buildings such as, the Tech A building don’t have the buttons.

“For older buildings there would need to be a renovation project due the fact that the buildings are old,” Carlson said.

According to Carlson, unless a renovation is done to the building there will be no automatic door buttons around the Tech A building because it been around since the 1950s.

Carlson talked about the Kane building and if future buildings will have the buttons.  

“As of right now the only new building scheduled to have the button is the Dr. Kane building,” Carlson said.

With RCC’s 100th birthday coming up the Kane building was built in honor of Charles A. Kane who is credited with pushing the college towards the success that is seen today.

The building we be the new home for the Disability Resource Center as well as other student services such as financial aid, counseling, health services and more.

The mission of the new student success building is to make the college experience smoother and easier not just for new students but, also current students.

Changes are coming to the campus. The automatic door button will be available to students in another building once the Kane building opens.

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