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Hill leaves his mark at RCC

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Posted: May 27, 2015 | Written by: Jeianne Baniqued

Argie Hill, Riverside City College Model United Nations Head Delegate and Associated Students of Riverside City College Supreme Court Chief Justice, leaves his mark as a student leader in his last semester before transferring.

At the National Model United Nations New York Conference on March 29-April 2, Hill was voted by members of his team to be honored with the Outstanding Delegate award.

In previous years, he had received the award at the 2013 NMUN-South Korea Conference and 2014 Rome Conference, making New York’s NMUN victory his third consecutive year being recognized for his cooperation and follow-through in the policy and character of his assigned member state.

“Winning this award at New York was different because the skill level of everyone there is much higher. I’m honored that so many people thought my performance was outstanding,” Hill said.

While at these conferences, Hill puts himself in the mindset of a professional diplomat.

“I have an objective to accomplish,” he said.

“I have to think five steps ahead for the four days of conference and every skill I learned that semester comes into full force,” Hill said.

When working in groups Hill firmly believes in the phrase, “There’s no ‘I’ in team.” As a leader he hopes to teach and inspire those who feel they can’t reach their goals alone to reach their potential.

When given the position of head delegate, he hopes to inspire students to do their absolute best, thinking that they deserve nothing less from their experience in MUN.

By keeping a communal vibe to his work group, he was able to implement new strategies at the conference.

“Sure, I was their leader but everyone had a say in what went into the position paper and I really admired that,” said Hill. “Our group was able to work in a relaxed manner and that’s the best you can hope for: everyone getting along.”

MUN has had an immense impact on Hill’s education due to the research required to understand topics.

The topics chosen for MUN are real world issues that range from human and drug trafficking to climate change. Members are expected to be proficient in understanding their topics, having to find articles that are of quality.

As a result, Hill finds that he has become a much better researcher and has been given the ability to be informed about how students are affected throughout the world because of MUN.

Other than being RCC’s MUN head delegate, Hill is also Supreme Court Chief Justice of ASRCC.

Appointed for the position during the winter intersession 2015, he and his fellow student government officials are working on ASRCC Elections and a Constitutional Referendum, adding more marginalized groups to their non-discriminatory policy and trying to make their constitution more user friendly.

As his role as chief justice, Hill hopes to not only help students find their way in politics but also to explain why it is so important to do so.

Working alongside Hill in both MUN and ASRCC Supreme Court is Adam Molina.

“Argie is a head strong student who tries to be the best in whatever position he cares about. As the MUN head delegate, he really does follow our motto ‘committed to excellence,’” said Molina.

Apart from the two leadership positions he’s in now with MUN and ASRCC, Hill is also a member of Student Coalition. Student Coalition seeks to raise political awareness of issues that affect people through guest speakers and movie showings.

Hill has always been intrigued with politics at the local level. By MUN giving him the skills to be a leader, applying those skill through ASRCC, being a member of Student Coalition, and working in the Youth Advisory Council for Congressman Mark Takano in the past, really helped him channel his interest.

With his extensive list of extracurricular activities under his belt, he plans to take a semester off before he transfers to UC Berkeley in spring 2016.

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