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Student Trustee candidate unopposed

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Posted: April 8, 2015 | Written by Stephanie Llamas
Student Trustee candidate Ryan Rudolph shares concerns at an ASRCC Senate open forum April 7. Valerie Osier | Viewpoints


Riverside City College District Student Trustee campaigning officially ended April 6. There is only one candidate left  after Norco Student Trustee candidate Rand Pawling removed himself from the Student Trustee elections due to personal reasons, thus creating a massive impact on the elections. The winning Student Trustee is set to fill in the open position as soon as the election is over.

“We have to know our limits and what we are capable of being … in the best interest to our academics, the major factor for him choosing not to run is more for he sees he could better fit the students of his campus in a different position” Ray Orozco, president of Associated Students of Riverside City College, said.

   Ryan Rudolph, ASRCC vice president, is currently the only candidate running in the student trustee elections. “I’m running unopposed; all i need is one vote to win,” Rudolph said when asked about his current status in the election.

“I am really excited to see how Ryan will do in running” expressed Jesus M. Salinas Moreno, Moreno Valley College Supreme Court Chief Justice Pro Tempore said.

Moreno expressed to Viewpoints the low rate of student participation in Student Trustees elections. “One way to increase participation in RCCD elections would be to explain to the students what the Student Trustee actually does and represents, being the voice of the students across the district not only at one campus” Orozco said.

Moreno Valley College did not have any candidates put on the ballot. In hopes to increase the participation in Associate Students of Moreno Valley College positions MVC plans to hold a Vote America event. The event will be hosted by Antwon Tanner, a Vote America representative, to promote progressive issues according to americavotes.org. The event will be held at MVC on April 21, from 12:50-1:50 p.m. in their Student Services building.

Election results will be posted via webadvisor by 4 p.m. The winner of the Student Trustee elections will immediately be sworn in as a board member to take over Student Trustee responsibilities left behind by April Galvan, Virginia Blumenthal, President of RCCD Board of Trustees confirmed.


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