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Student Trustee candidate unopposed

  Posted: April 8, 2015 | Written by Stephanie Llamas   Riverside City College District Student Trustee campaigning officially ended April 6. There is only one candidate left  after Norco Student Trustee candidate Rand Pawling removed himself from the Student Trustee elections due to personal reasons, thus creating a massive impact on the elections. The

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Student Trustee April Galvan Dismissed

Posted: March 18, 2015 | Written by Aja Sanders Student Trustee of the Riverside Community College District April Galvan has been dismissed from the Board of Trustees after she completed just one semester of her term. According to Douglas Graham, coordinator of student activities at RCC, Galvan was dismissed for not fulfilling her requirements as

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RESULTS: April Galvan elected as new RCCD student trustee

April Galvan

Election results for the 2014 Riverside Community College District student trustee:  Total Votes: April Galvan: 620 (Winner) Brennan Gonering: 428 Norco College Votes: April Galvan: 151 Brennan Gonering: 69 Moreno Valley College Votes: April Galvan: 360 Brennan Gonering: 230 Riverside City College Votes: April Galvan: 109 Brennan Gonering: 129