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Site assists students’ studies

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Aaliyah Noble-Freeny | Staff Writer

As the semester comes to a close students inevitably begin preparing for final exams.

To help, on Nov. 19 an education technology company called “Studymode” launched a new study game called “Jewels of Wisdom” on its flashcard site

Cram.com is a website used by students and teachers around the world that consists of more than 70 million preset flashcards on a plethora of different subjects that cover all academic levels.

Users are able to log on to Cram.com for free and choose to study from premade flash cards or create their own cards using information specific to their
upcoming exam.

Danica Ross, the media contact for Studymode, says that the site is as useful to teachers as it is for students.

“There is a teacher in Dallas that has created flash cards for her sixth grade class and it has made them more engaged in the learning process,” Ross said.

Students using preset cards are advised to double check information for accuracy and are encouraged to create their own flashcards.

The site is easy to use: after flash cards are selected or created, users can study them and automatically load them into the “Jewels of Wisdom” game,
which will tailor the game to the loaded information from the users’ flashcards.

The gaming element of the site adds a competitive edge to the study process, as students are able to personalize games, compete with friends and rank
on a leaderboard. In addition to the desktop website, Cram.com comes with a free iPhone and Android App so that students can take their studies on the go.

“There’s just no way around it, kids have to memorize their multiplication tables, history students have to memorize dates and language scholars have to
memorize verb conjugations,” said Blaine Vess, Co-Founder and CEO of StudyMode. “But it doesn’t have to be tedious. At StudyMode, we develop edtech solutions to help students succeed. “Jewels of Wisdom” takes the process of rote learning and makes it interactive, engaging and entertaining.”

The website will change the face of studying and give students a more efficient way to cram.

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