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Site assists students’ studies

Aaliyah Noble-Freeny | Staff Writer As the semester comes to a close students inevitably begin preparing for final exams. To help, on Nov. 19 an education technology company called “Studymode” launched a new study game called “Jewels of Wisdom” on its flashcard site Cram.com. Cram.com is a website used by students and teachers around the world that consists of more than 70 million preset

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Safety advisory for RCC

AALIYAH NOBLE-FREENY | STAFF WRITER On Sunday, Oct. 30, 1966, a Riverside City College student Cheri Jo Bates was murdered in an alley on campus after leaving the library, its anniversary reaffirms the need for safety awareness and self-defense. The Halloween season has always been filled with trick-or-treating and stranger danger Public Service Announcements. In keeping with that tradition,

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Early release inmates flood Riverside jails

AALIYAH NOBLE-FREENY | STAFF WRITER In 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court ordered California to reduce its inmate population by 33,000 people by the end of the year. While lawmakers frantically try to create solutions, communities such as Riverside are adjusting to its new early released inmate population. The mandate to reduce the California prison population led to an alignment program ordering non-serious, non-violent and non-sexual offenders to county jails

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MTSC brought up to Sniff

New buildings pose new problems on camps. (Erick Lopez / Staff Photographer)

Aaliyah Noble Freeny | Staff Writer In an ongoing saga to rectify problems with the environmental quality, chemical odors and acoustic levels in the Math and Science Building, The Board of Trustees and construction teams report significant progress in their August update. Forensic Analytical was contracted to provide a comprehensive report of the issues presented in the Math and Science Building. The report

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