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Clery report shows many burglaries

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In 2012 Riverside Community College District reported 10 on campus burglaries, three public property burglaries, and six on campus  motor vehicle thefts.

In 2011, RCCD had 24 on campus burglaries, up from 2010 when there were only seven.

Riverside city campuses have had the most burglaries and thefts marginally making up 16 of the 24 in 2011 but thefts in general have gone down district wide.

Moreno Valley responded to the only illegal weapons possession in the district in 2012, while there were eight district wide in 2011.

There were two strong arm robberies in Riverside, compared to one in 2011 and two in 2010, showing a steady average.

Riverside campuses had seven drug law violations and three liquor violations in 2012. There was only one drug violation in 2011, but that’s
down from 10 in 2010.

There was one non-forcible sexual assault on campus in Norco compared to one other non-forcible offense in the last three years in Riverside in 2011.

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