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Actress Qurrat Ann Kadwani performs ‘Intrusion’ at Riverside City College

By Leana Padilla Actress Qurrat Ann Kadwani performed her one woman play “INTRUSION” at Riverside City College on Sept. 11.  Kadwani took on the roles of eight different characters throughout the production. She displays an American utopian society where the eradication of rape is found in a rift when one woman becomes the first to come forward in

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EDITORIAL: Sign the bill, Jerry Brown!

Any sexual assault committed by a student that occurs on the Riverside Community College District property is against district policies and is subject to punishment. What about the incidents of sexual assault that happen off district property? RCCD should be able to discipline a student for assault off district property. Enabling community colleges to punish

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Clery report shows many burglaries

In 2012 Riverside Community College District reported 10 on campus burglaries, three public property burglaries, and six on campus  motor vehicle thefts. In 2011, RCCD had 24 on campus burglaries, up from 2010 when there were only seven. Riverside city campuses have had the most burglaries and thefts marginally making up 16 of the 24 in 2011 but

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