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Norco College library gets repairs

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The Wilfred J. Airey Norco library is a place where students study, conduct research and utilize resources for classes. (Jesus Coronel | Viewpoints)
By Jesus Coronel

Rainy weather has caused the Wilfred J. Airey Library at Norco College to leak water through the windows and the roof.

Construction to repair those leaks started in April with cranes around the library and road closures near the workplace.

“There was mold and mildew created from the moisture of the rainy days and into the building,” Associated Students of Norco College President Makenna Ashcraft said.

As the recent rainfall came to the area, it made parts of the building leak water, causing some disturbances to faculty members.

“It’s a project that’s been put off for a few months,” Instructional Design Librarian Miguel Castro said. “The workers have been working on the windows, specifically the lining of the windows because we were having some leaks from the rain.”

The weather interfered with the window repairs, making the project take longer than it normally would.

“It should have been something that was done by now but the weather has forced work days to be postponed,” Castro said.

“The main purpose of this project was to do all the windows and to stop the leaks,” he said. “Otherwise, everything is coming along very well.”

Construction has completed, and library activity is still continuing as normal. 

Christopher Poole, library technical assistant II, said the repairs, “took two to three months,” since the library was closed due to COVID. Repairs were required after the drains on the windows failed and leaked water into the walls. He said, “They replaced a bunch of the drywall on the south and west sides of the building,” which were mainly infected by mold and mildew.

Norco Facilities, Maintenance and Operations could not be reached for any comments.

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