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Campus Conversations: What’s your favorite food at City Grill and what do you hope they served?

From left: Cydnei Rediford (first-year, elementary education major), Ty Miller (second-year, philosophy major), Gorge Rojas (second-year, sociology major.) (Daesha Gear | Viewpoints)

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Interviews and photos by Lindsey Tovar

“When I used to come (to the cafeteria) I used to really love the chicken strips and the fries because it was super filling. (They are still) super filling, but it’s a lot more saltier than I remember. Maybe more fruit combinations like pineapple and strawberries. Like a fruit cocktail.”

– Michelle Frescas

“For me definitely the chicken tenders and the fries. The fries are really good, they’re just salty and sweet at the same time. Definitely some type of taco or something more meat related.”

– Michelle Hernandez (LEFT)

“The veggie pizza is really good even though it’s not very salty, I wish it was a little bit. The pepperoni is alright but it’s salty in general. The veggie pizza I prefer the most. I would say tacos and more options on salads.”

– Kelly Zermeno (RIGHT)

“You need to get the chicken wrap from the cafe, it is gas! There’s a guy named AJ that cooks them up, super super nice guy and those wraps are always great. Pasta! There is no good pasta options. The pasta salad is my favorite thing and the pasta salad from the cafe, I’m sorry, it is disappointing. But some sort of pasta, with some chicken alfredo would be great.”

– Samuel Phillips (LEFT)

“I’d say the chicken tenders, because you get the chicken tenders and fries (as a healthy) mix of both. I don’t know if they have it, but I’d say tacos.”

– Raul Armenta (MIDDLE)

“I would get the chicken tenders, I like how the fries are seasoned they’re really good. You can get condiments with them like barbecue, ketchup, ranch. I would also agree tacos, more variety any kind of meat. Probably asada.”

– Alexis Lopez (RIGHT)
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