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Women’s tennis team remains dominant in last game of the regular season

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From Left: Jillian Stark and Samantha Treat play together against Bakersfield College women’s tennis team in the first round of the southern regional playoffs on April 5. (Daniel Hernandez | Viewpoints)
By Jair Ramirez

The dynamic duo continued their five-match winning streak as the Riverside City College women’s tennis team claimed the co-conference championship in a dominating performance against the Fullerton College Hornets on March 31.  

Freshman Jillian Stark and Samantha Treat are 7-1 when teaming up this season in doubles competition.

Their chemistry was on display as they won their doubles match 8-1. Ball placement was key as their opponents struggled returning volleys.

“She’s really good at things that I’m weak in and I’m really good at things that she’s weak in,” Treat said about partnering with Stark.

RCC’s footwork was far superior to Fullerton College, running down balls and knowing their position on the court, allowing them to make the adjustments needed in the match.

Freshman Keeley Arendt and sophomore Torrey Mateljan also eased by in their doubles match 8-2.

In singles, Mateljan, Stark and Treat did not lose a game and freshman Susana Iniguez won her match 6-0, 6-2.  

The Tigers shutout Fullerton in their final regular season, tying the Orange Coast College Pirates with 7-1 a conference record.

“It’s all a testament to the girls and how hard they’ve been working, showing up, they’re good kids,” coach Nikki Bonzoumet said. “I’m happy to be here.” 

RCC is riding a three game winning streak and finished with a team record of 10-2 heading into the playoffs.

“I feel like we have a pretty strong shot,” Stark said about the postseason.

“Me and Sammy work together, as long as we stay consistent and move our feet and work together as a team we should be ok.”

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