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News Brief: Norco College awarded $3.99 million in federal grants

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By Jose Venegas

The Federal Department of Education awarded three grants totaling $3.99 million to Norco College over the next five years. 

The grant will contribute to Student Support Services for low-income, disabled and first generation students, as well as the development of a new STEM program.

Student Support Services at Norco College provide a variety of services and special programs including financial aid, scholarship assistance, career counseling, resume assistance, crisis counseling, university tours, and transfer counseling. Study rooms and computer labs are available when the campus is open.

Students enrolled with Student Support Services are encouraged to participate in cultural enrichment activities that contribute to community-building. The department has hosted book clubs and student panels in the past.

The Puente, Umoja, and TRIO programs will also be impacted by these grants. According to studies conducted by the Puente Project and U.S. Department of Education, students who participate in these associations are more likely than their peers to complete higher levels of education and transfer to a four year school.

Students who are not enrolled in Student Support Services also benefit from these grants.
Project Director Hortencia Cuevas did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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