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Latinx culture on display

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By:Leana Padilla

Lowriders have been synonymous with Latinx culture in the U.S. This culture has a major impact in the Latinx community in Riverside. Riverside City College, in response to Latinx Heritage Month, displayed lowriders and classic cars on Mine Okubo Avenue for everyone to enjoy.

This event was supported by the Associated Student of Riverside City College and Sociology Instructors Dr. Perez and Mike Chaves, and coordinator Megan Buttons.

 They wanted to bring out the culture and history to students, because they know many students can relate with the history of the classical cars.

 The cars that participated in the show, included  66 Impala Super Sport , 1952 Chevy Deluxe StyleLine, 94 Monte Carlo ,and an 84 Cadillac.

These beautiful cars bring childhood memories to many of our students. They represent family to many of our students. They also brought out a Lowrider art exhibit to educate students on how these Lowriders came to represent Chicano culture from early 1920 to present. 

The message they wanted to spread was that Latinx student who may feel forgotten or left out are a part of the culture here at RCC . They wanted RCC students to be able to explore the beauty of the classical vehicles. It’s clear that Lowriders are an important staple of the Latinx community.

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Photos:Diego Lomeli
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