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Actress Qurrat Ann Kadwani performs ‘Intrusion’ at Riverside City College

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By Leana Padilla

Actress Qurrat Ann Kadwani performed her one woman play “INTRUSION” at Riverside City College on Sept. 11. 

Kadwani took on the roles of eight different characters throughout the production. She displays an American utopian society where the eradication of rape is found in a rift when one woman becomes the first to come forward in more than 20 years. 

Her point of creating this performance was to help us understand the real issue that we have with sexual violence in America. As people we need to educated and choose wisely who do we choose our politicians and how are they making thing better for survivor victim from sexual violence, Kadwani said. 

Kadwani said she decided to take on this performance because she questioned why sociality struggles with the issue of sexual violence. She did some research on rape culture in America and she asked herself why this is such a big problem worldwide. Her research found out this problem is present in every sector in America, and that the United States has the 10th highest number of recorded sexual assaults. 

Through “Prosecutor and Politicians” she chose to represent the different faces of sexual assault and show that we can make a change if we elect the right politicians and work to help change the justice system. 

Kadwani said her favorite character was the college student. 

“I can relate to the college student activist because I wrote her with the mindset of how I feel about things,” Kadwani said. 

“When I get passionate about a topic I get obsessed about it and say ‘why is this happening’ and I start researching it and I like finding a solution. I’m a solution finder, I don’t dwell on the problem, I say ‘how do I find the solution?’” 

The college student is adamantly trying to find a solution and really taking responsibility in order to make a change. 

Audience members agreed.

“My favorite character was a college student, I feel that I can relate to her because she was observant not in a nosy way but more in a caring way that I can relate to and say ‘oh what is going on, I want to help’” said Janeth Palacios Student in RCC.  


Photo Credit: Jacob Quezada


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