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T-Swizzle re-rebooted

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By Heidi Dye

That’s right, the old Taylor Swift is officially dead and now we’re being introduced to this “new” Taylor in her coming album “Reputation,” which is set to be released Nov. 10.

Luckily for all those Swifties out there, the music video for lead single “Look What You Made Me Do” is available online for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

 “Look What You Made Me Do” is a prime example of how Swift is the master of adapting her music style in the nick of time to fit the needs of what the modern day consumer craves. 

 While the music video is visually pleasing, minus the CGI snakes, “Look What You Made Me Do” sounds like a rejected Fergie song. At least I can actually dance to “Fergalicious.” 

The chorus is so repetitious that it’s nearly impossible to get rid of her nonsensical lyrics from my bad dreams. 

According to an article in NME, Swift is so proud of her lyrics that she’s even copyrighting some of the phrases used in her song. 

Good riddance to those who will wear t-shirts that read “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now” because she is still the same old Taylor Swift that you met years ago.

 To be honest, her new song is proof that no matter how many times Swift has changed up her style, she still continues to write diss tracks. Whether it’s a song about an ex-lover or a feud with another celebrity, they just keep on coming. 

 Now after listening to “Look What You Made Me Do,” I decided to continue the torture by listening to her new single “Ready For It.” The track features some of Taylor’s superb rapping skills that we got a taste of in “Shake it Off.”

 While the beat is rather catchy, the lyrics prove once again that it’s not a good idea to date Ms. Swift. In the song, she references some of her past lovers, saying that it’s better to love her in secret, because no one has to know.

If you love Swift’s so very new style, you can look forward to purchasing “Reputation” on Nov. 10. Where you can enjoy a new side to Swift with the same song-writing style you know and love.  

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