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Softball tournament delayed

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By Nicholas Peralta

The Fresno City College softball tournament was unfortunately cut short.

Dated to take place from March 4-5, Riverside City College’s softball team was touted to take place in the FCC tournament and saw success early in the opening rounds against both Hartnell College and Foothill College. RCC was then touted to face West Hills Coalinga College and the hosting team Fresno College. However due to unforeseen weather complications that would go on to devastate the field beyond short term repair, the games and subsequently the tournament altogether were postponed.

“We played Saturday then it rained (on Sunday).” said Head Coach Michelle Daddona. “so we waited until the rain stopped, but when it stopped, we ran onto the field and there was just too much damage.”

In the opening round of the tournament in the early month of March, the Tigers faced off against the Hartnell College Panthers. Hartnell would apply hefty pressure early on, scoring four runs to two by the end of the third inning. But RCC would acquire a comeback in the fifth and sixth innings, securing four RBI’s courtesy of Marcelina Arevalo, Emily Wilcox and RBI leader Aeriel Carlson, to take the lead with which they held on to close out the opening round game with a well-earned comeback and a final score of Riverside 6, Hartnell 4.

The Tigers would harness that momentum going into their face off against Foothill College later that evening and in a dominant display, would shut out the Owls, 10-0, ending the game in the fifth inning via mercy rule. First basemen Wilcox and shortstop Kayla Giannatasio led the team in hits, with Wilcox acquiring season high three RBI’s.

Despite the Tigers being unable to compete on March 5, the unfortunate weather complication and aforementioned postponement of the tournament will actually work out in RCC’s favor.

“We’ re now going to be playing here, at home, against Fresno.” said Coach Daddona. “We will be playing a doubleheader against Fresno on April 9. We were supposed to play West Hills (Coalinga College) but instead we will be playing Fresno in two games back to back.”

The advantage of playing at home is a much welcomed factor that gives the Tigers an edge at the tournaments conclusion.

Now mid-way through the season, RCC will compete in nine games before their closing tournament match-up. Despite holding just under a .500 record, coach Daddona believes in the ability and talent of this seasons team to be able to make it to the playoffs, highlighting the capability of some of her leading players.

“This team has a lot of talent.” said Daddona. “They are very young, but they work real hard to get better. All we really gotta do is work on the little things, and if we take care of the little things the rest will take care of itself. Our three main stays, we got Laura Mendez, Synphony Hall and Emily Wilcox, and pacing us right now is Emily Wilcox she’s one of our leading hitters. We got a good group. They are committed to that excellence, and if we stay committed I think this team can get us back into the playoffs.”

RCC will close out the FCC tournament against Fresno College on April 9 with the first game kicking off at 11:00 a.m and the next game commencing at 1:30 p.m.

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