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Spring 2017 Workshop Schedule



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Riverside City College’s counseling workshops have released their schedule, all workshops are going to be held in the Kane Building Room 205 unless otherwise noted.

Spring 2017 Workshops

2/23    Success Strategies for Special Populations  12:50-1:50pm

2/27    Resume Writing and Cover Letter  2:00-3:00pm

3/2      The ADT Process  12:50-1:50pm

3/7      Who Am I?  12:50-1:50pm

3/14    What Are My Skills?    12:50-1:50pm

3/16    Time Management  12:50-1:50pm

3/21    Careers and Your Future 12:50-1:50pm

3/21    GRIT 12:50-1:50pm

3/22    Student Success Programs  1:00-2:00pm

3/23    Important Tips for the Successful Student Athlete 12:50-1:50pm

3/28    Mindset  12:50-1:50pm

3/29    Interviewing Skills 2:00-3:00pm

3/30    CSU/UC Transfer Admission (TAP/TAG) 12:50-1:50pm


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