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Campus Conversations: RCC and mental health

Interviews by Kelsey Olarte, Photography by Natasha Morrison Question: How understanding and supportive is Riverside City College’s faculty and staff of students’ mental health? “I see they advocate mental health a lot on their social media. In my opinion, I think that our school is supportive, and they try to provide help to students when

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Former Riverside City College students recalled their transfer experiences at transfer panel

By Clarissa Corral Five Riverside City College alumni met for the Peer Mentor Transfer Panel on March 15 to answer recurring questions that students have about what the transfer process is like at RCC. Panel members pushed the idea of being responsible for your education, being informed and being prepared before, after and during the

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Tech tips for the modern college student

By Seth Barlow Gone are the days of dictionaries and thesauruses now that everybody has a cellphone in their pocket. Apps are not only helpful in day-to-day tasks, they are essential to school work. Viewpoints selected the best apps for school whether it be for passing exams, self-help or anything else that falls in between.

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Behind the curtains of RCC’s production of ‘The Crucible’

by Benjamin De Leon The program handed to you as you walk in the auditorium encompasses the deception and hysteria that are prominent throughout the production. The Crucible ran from November 8-10 at the Landis Auditorium found on campus. Set in Salem, Massachusetts, the play focuses on a group of girls found conjuring spirits in

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Editorial: Struggling College students seek state support

Californian students struggle just as much as those in New York and San Francisco … where is our relief?

History was made Feb. 7 when San Francisco announced starting next school year city colleges for all California residents living in San Francisco will be implementing free college tuition.