Post presidential election forum

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By Leslie Santibanez-Molina

Student equity committee sponsors student forum at RCC

Students concerns about the presidential election were addressed in the second post-election Student Forum sponsored by the Student Equity Committee at Riverside City College on Nov. 29.

After the general election, students came to talk to faculty members about the results of the general election and the concerns they had.

The first forum was held by Kristi Woods on Nov. 17 so that students could voice their concerns about a Trump presidency in a safe and supportive environment.

Because of the turnout of the first Student Forum it was decided to make a second forum.

With Trump being inaugurated Jan. 20 students had several questions ranging from the future of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival students (DACA) and financial aid.

Student Equity Chair Kristi Woods and Assembly member Jose Medina of Higher Education were there to answer the concerns of students. 

Medina was contacted after the first forum was held.

One of the suggestions people had as active citizens is to get in contact with local elected officials.

Throughout the forum people were able to voice their opinions, thoughts, and fears to give officials insight into what they think.

“I think DACA, LGBTQ, and women’s’ rights seem to be among the major  concerns…racism being one of them,” said Woods.

Graciela Fuentes a first generation Mexican-American and member of the LGBTQ community was one of them.

“Recently I had an experience,” Fuentes said. “I’m driving to school dressed for Dia de los Muertos and a Trump supporter starts yelling at me to go back … All I could wonder was, what did I do?”

Woods said that the reason Trump was elected was because he knew how to sell America to voters.

“He is a salesman, he knew what to say,” Woods said.

Not only did people voice their dislike towards Trump they also agreed they must respect people’s choices. No matter the choice the middle and lower classes have a lot more in common in what they need from the government.

“Try to be extra kind to all. Maybe we can listen better, get out in front and protect everyone,” said Medina.

To Woods kindness was essential but the truth is of great importance. Woods major concern was about how historians were going to document the “truth” when there were fake stories being spread.

“The notion that the truth is relative…how is history going to be written?” said Woods.

If needed, Student Forum meetings will resume in spring.

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