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Opinion: A system rigged against them

By Leslie Santibanez Undocumented abuse victims live in a world where the fear of being deported causes them to remain with abusers. This is the everyday reality of being an abused undocumented woman in the United States. These women live a life filled with paranoia. They are afraid of their abusers, authority figures, and in

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Panel gathers to discuss ‘Undocumented’ film at Riverside City College

“Undocumented” is a film about journalist Jose Antonio Vargas’s journey as an undocumented American. The film was shown on March 29 in the Riverside City College’s Digital Library Auditorium.

Feminist club joins women’s march in LA

The Riverside City College Feminist club joined the International Women’s Day March in downtown Los Angeles on March 5 which was led by AF3RM, a transnational feminist organization.

People of different genders, sexualities and backgrounds united under one on an overcast day in LA. Among these people were members of RCC’s Feminist Unite club.