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QLess Virtual Lines to make waiting more convenient



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Soon students will be able to join a line for various student services without physically waiting in the line.

QLess virtual line will allow students to join a line for participating departments, such as Admissions and Records and Financial Aid at Riverside City College, through text message, at self-service kiosks, through an online widget and through the QLess app. 

The service keeps track of which departments are helping a student, so multiple lines may be joined at the same time without a student losing their place. Monitors in department’s lobbies will display line status.

Students who do not arrive on time will forfeit their place in line.

Joining a line by text:

Lines may be joined by texting “RiversideCC” to 951-338-9591 and reply with “1” to join the Admissions and Records line. 

Text commands are L- to leave a line, S- for status update on a student’s place in line, M- to request more time if a student is unable to make it back to a department in time (students who arrive within 30 minutes of their spot being forfeited can ask a staff member to be added back to the front of the line) and H- to receive help using QLess.

Joining online:

Students may join a line through an online widget by selecting the desired department and clicking “Join this line.” 

Those using QLess for the first time will be prompted to enter their phone number and receive text messages updating them on the status of their place in line. 

According to rcc.edu only the last four digits of students’ phone numbers are visible to college employees. 

QLess’ privacy policy states that the service will not sell customer phone number to third parties. 

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