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Board hires headhunter to fill chancellor position

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Cynthia Azari has been serving Riverside Community College District as Interim Chancellor since June, but steps to permanently fill the position began on Sept. 17 when the board of directors selected College CEO’s, a hiring agency out of Riverside that expects to fill the position by May with a start date in July.

Nominations and applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Advertising began Dec. 19 and application Screening began Jan. 15 in accordance with the previously established job specifications and  requirements.

“Advertisements have been run in key journals and electronic job-sites both regionally and nationally,” said Nathan Miller in an update release Jan. 6.

A committee meeting to select applicants to interview is scheduled Feb. 14.

“The board of trustees expects to invite a pool of final candidates to Riverside for face-to-face interviews that will be held during the latter part of  March/early April,’’ wrote Miller. “We anticipate that each candidate will visit Riverside Community College District over a period of several days, during which time they will participate in interviews, small meetings and larger forums with the board of trustees and the colleges.”

All of the expectations of the position were discussed and approved with College CEO’s and the board or directors in their preliminary meetings.

The new chancellor will display strategic organizational planning skills, leadership and governance skills, community  support and student learning understanding.

The chancellor position demands building, strengthening and improving relationships between colleges in the district as well as building up colleges
in the district.

Budgetary leadership and financial earnings are also expected in addition to completing construction projects. Improving community organization and maintaining transparency to the community is also part of the position.

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