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Students hope for honors

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Students submit their best work to impress at conference.

David Roman | Staff Writer

Assuming community college is all about partying and students with a laissez-faire attitude towards their education is commonplace.

When one actually takes the time to see the work honors students at Riverside City College are putting in towards their futures, the notion could not be further from the truth.

Coming to RCC Nov. 22 the Honors Research Conference allows the students of the Honors programs of all three Riverside City College District campuses to present the research they have conducted throughout their time in the honors program.

The rules for entry are simple: any honors student can pick an essay they wrote in an honors course and after working with their honors instructor to revise, improve, and prep it for live presentation.

They can then submit it, and a panel of instructors read the essays and determine which students from which campuses deserve the coveted grand-prize scholarships.

The essays are divided into categories based on their themes, so anyone in attendance can choose to hear presentations on whichever theme sounds best to them.

The most competitive pieces go on at the end of the conference. The President’s Outstanding Scholar Award of $100 is awarded to the best essay of each campus, totaling up to three students a year.

The award is funded by the president of each College.

“The 4-year universities are always incredibly impressed that our students have participated in an academic conference so early in their careers,” said Thatcher Carter, the coordinator for the RCC Honors Program instructor. She received her Ph.D from the University of California, Riverside and has studied at such schools as the Claremont Graduate University and Occidental College.

“I certainly never gave a paper at a conference until I was in graduate school,” said Carter.

“This achievement really makes them stand out when they’re applying to transfer”

The RCCD Honors Research Conference is open to students, faculty, and community members.

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