Model United Nations at RCC

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Communicating, public speaking and writing, oh my! If these words are terrifying to even think of, Model United Nations can help.

MUN recreates mock conventions similar to those of the real United Nations, the international peacekeeping organization, and it’s goal is to open you up to the world and be a world leader.
There are two head delegates, who act as leading officers, and many new and returning delegates. The returning delegates help new delegates with skills such as speech making and writing resolution papers.

“At a typical meeting, people come in, sit down, and participate in a stimulation convention, where the club members represent the different countries ideas and opinions,” said delegate Jared Malakouti.

The head delegates assign club members a country and a topic for them to research. “The club teaches how to be prepared, professional and debate, it keeps you on your toes,” said head delegate Argie Hill.

Not only does the club help with professional skills, but they travel too. Every spring the club goes to New York for a stimulation conference with other MUN clubs.

This fall semester the club is planning to go on a trip to South Korea for a conference, no fundraising required.
In the past the club has gone to places such as France, China, and Egypt with all expenses paid for by the school and ASRCC.

“The club is really great for travel, meeting people involved with international affairs, and is for anyone, even if you’re not involved with politics,” Malakouti said.

The club also opens up many opportunities for the students involved in school. Students from this club have gone off to universities such as NYU, Harvard and UCLA.

Having MUN on a resume is looked upon highly because it shows you have skills such as public speaking, writing and researching. It also shows dedication and commitment.

“I got to go to Japan as an adviser [because of MUN] and I am currently working for congressman Mark Takano,” Hill said.

So don’t be frightened by words such as communicating, public speaking or writing, because MUN is full of people that want to help you build these skills that are necessary in the real world. Their club meeting is every Friday from 1:00-4:30 p.m. in the quad, room 215.

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