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A guide to the new semester

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By Chanelle Williams / Interim Managing Editor

By Chanelle Williams / Interim Managing Editor

Registering for classes has not gotten any easier since the beginning of last fall. Spots are full in classes, waitlists are filling up and there aren’t enough classes to go around.

In the seemingly never-ending search and struggle to get classes for the spring semester, here a few pointers to take into consideration

1. Get on the waitlist.
The possibility of getting into the class may be low but do it anyways.
It won’t hurt and there are students who drop the class or forget to make the payment for the class and are dropped, therefore, increasing your chance of getting the course.

2. Pay for the class IMMEDIATELY.
When you are able to add a class, pay for it instantly.
You will be dropped from the course if the enrollment fee is not paid and you will be back at square-one.
Also, students who do not pay at the time of registration will have a hold put on their record and will not be able to register for classes or receive grades, transcripts, verifications, certificates or diplomas.

3. Go to the class you are hoping to add.
Once school begins Feb. 16, people are still trying to get into classes, so the best chance you have is to attend the class you want to add and get an authorization code.
An authorization code will be given to you from the instructor if there is availability in the course.

4. Go to class.
After all your hard work to get the class, GO TO IT!
If you are not in class on the first day of school, you will be dropped and your space will be given to someone else.
If you do not want to take the course anymore please drop the class so others who need the class can fill your spot. You may fail the course if the class is not dropped by the deadline to drop a class.

Shuttle bus to ease parking woes
Relief has come!
Due to limited parking on campus, the school has opened up 400 parking spaces for students in parking lot 33 at Third Street and Magnolia Ave.
A shuttle bus will transport students from parking lot 33 to the Digital Library Learning Resource Center.
The shuttle service will be available every 15 minutes and students only need to show their student I.D. to ride the shuttle.
The RTA buses are still available for free to students with presentation of student I.D. and run every 30 minutes at Third Street and the RCC campus.

Shuttle Schedule
Monday through Thursday – 7:00 a.m. –11:30 p.m.
    First departure from Lot 33 at 7:30 a.m.
    Last departure from RCC at 10:30 p.m.
Friday – 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    First departure from Lot 33 at 7:30 a.m. 
    Last departure from RCC at 5:30 p.m.

To avoid delays, be ready to go at least 5 minutes
prior to pick-up. Shuttles run every 15 minutes
and transit time is anywhere between 15 to 20

Parking at RCC is not for the weak
Trouble with parking on-campus doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.
With construction on the new science building and the aquatic center still underway, it is advised that students get to school earlier to get a parking spot or to use the new shuttle service the school is providing.
Parking permits can still be purchased for $20 online through WebAdvisor.
Temporary permits are available beginning the week before Parking Services start ticketing and are emailed with paid orders placed online.
For the first two weeks of school, Parking Services will not be issuing tickets for student parking spaces.
If you have questions contact the RCCD Parking Office at 951-222-8522 or the Public Affairs Office at 951-222-8857. 
You can also look for daily updates by logging onto the RCC Web site and following the links to Police and Parking under the Administration link or follow through Twitter@RCCDPOLICEINFO.

Textbook buying made easy
Purchasing textbooks is another pain in the neck students have to deal with as they prepare for the spring semester. They cost a fortune and seem to hardly be worth the price.
But don’t fret!
Here are some places you can visit that will hopefully save you time and money when it comes to purchasing textbooks:

1. RCC Bookstore.
The advantage of buying at the RCC bookstore is that it is more likely that they are carrying your textbooks, textbooks can be purchased online and purchases can be picked up at the store or shipped.
Although the prices can still be high, they often offer used books that are significantly cheaper than buying brand-new. Textbook rentals on 47 titles can be made by going to whywaitforbooks.com. Renting books from the bookstore can be 52 to 58 percent cheaper than buying.

2. Amazon.com.
Many people go the online route.
Buying online allows you to look for better prices and buying is just a click away.
Amazon.com is a frequently used site and got rave reviews from costumers on bizrate.com.
Make sure you buy as soon as possible to give time for the book to be shipped and received.

3. Textbooks.com
They got excellent reviews from consumers on resellerratings.com. Customers praised the low prices, smooth transactions and fast shipping. Textbooks.com offers a wide variety of used books for up to 90 percent off.

4. Chegg.com.
It seems that Chegg.com may be the new phenomenon that hits the textbook waves.
They are going green by allowing students to rent books at super low prices.
It is possible that they may not have some of the textbooks you need but for every textbook you rent from Chegg.com they plant a tree.
And with the recent devastation in Haiti, every book that is rented they will donate to the Unicef Haiti Relief effort.
Bonus: Returning books only requires you printing out a return label from their site then sending your textbook on its way at the end of the semester.
Hopefully with these helpful tips, textbook buying or renting will be easy as a breeze and will encourage a less stressful semes

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