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By Timothy Guy

By Timothy Guy

The Riverside City College tennis teams rock!

I know what you are saying, “tennis?”

While basketball, baseball and football get a lot of attention the men’s and women’s tennis teams have quietly slipped in as the top teams at RCC today.

As you can see on the scoreboard both teams have impressive records so far this season. The men are undefeated with 14 wins. The women are not too far behind with a record of 10 wins and two losses.

I have attended meets for both the men and the women and I had a great time. Sure I don’t really understand tennis all that much; the rules and scoring confuse me. What I can appreciate, though, is the athleticism.

For all of the meets I watched, each player appeared to give 110 percent.

One match on March 14 had RCC’s Clint Walder against Stefan Federson from College of the Desert. They had some amazing back and forth exchanges that reminded me of someone swinging for a homerun in baseball. The power that they put behind each swing was amazing to watch. What was also equally impressive was that some of these exchanges went on for a number of times.

The men’s team actually lost the meet to College of the Desert, but the win was later given to Riverside due to a illegal lineup from College of the Desert.

On March 21 Riverside swept Fullerton with a 9-0 victory.

As people attending and working at this college we should be out in force to cheer on our great teams like tennis. At the March 14 meet there were a good number of people there, but there could have and should have been more.

The great thing about the tennis courts on campus is that they are right there with Lovekin Field.

So next time there is a meet, stop by before or after class and support these great tennis teams of RCC.

Let’s watch swimming… not

According to coach David Almquist the women’s swim team has its most important meet of the year on March 24. If they win there they will continue a eight-year winning streak.

The only problem?

It was considered a home meet, but it’s now being played in Mission Viejo, which is about 50 miles from RCC.

The two “home” meets this season were supposed to be played at Cal Baptist, but now that plan has been scrapped.

Without the proper facilities here at RCC that leaves the team looking elsewhere to find a place to play a home meet.

What’s up with that?

What a difference it is between tennis and swimming here at RCC. One is so available to the people at RCC that they could walk by and catch a few minutes, the other requires some gas money and possible fun with traffic.

Good luck to the swim teams for upcoming meets, everyone here at RCC is rooting for you… even if you can’t see it.

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