From Mexico to America

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By Regina Jimenez

By Regina Jimenez

The RCC men’s 2006 tennis team lives in paradise.

The Tigers hold a record of 5-0 in conference and 13-0 overall for this season.

One of the RCC men’s tennis players, Flavio Rueda-Gonzalez still remains focused with a great desire to end in a record with no losses.

Flavio Gonzalez was born in Mazatlan, Mexico. Gonzalez was the first place player in Mexico where he learned how to play the game of tennis.

“When I was living in Mexico I played for El Cid, a club that people played at for fun,” Gonzalez said. “El Cid was also a team that I played for, but it was mostly for fun.”

In Mexico, Gonzalez won the state tournament and in the state regional, and placed 2nd in doubles. Gonzalez also has a record of 7-2 in singles.

This season is the first time Gonzalez has ever played for a real tennis team.

“I like the competition between me and my opponents,” Gonzalez said. “It’s one of the things I like to do the most, is to compete.”

He was only 10 years old when he decided that tennis was his sport.

His dad played tennis all the time and it was all for fun. Gonzalez always liked to go with his dad just so he can go play tennis and have a good time.

“My dad was the one who influenced me on playing Tennis,” Gonzalez said. “I used to go with him to the tennis club to play almost every day.”

Gonzalez recently moved to Riverside along with his family so that he and his sister can get a better educational opportunity.

Gonzalez is a determined athlete, and he has great passion for the game of tennis. He also loves playing for the RCC men’s tennis team and he really enjoys hanging out with his teammates after a match.

Gonzalez not only plays tennis, but he also plays soccer and basketball, although it’s only for fun.

“To keep in shape I like to play basketball and soccer so that my legs and arms stay strong for my tennis matches.” Gonzalez said. “I really don’t like to work out, I just like to play other sports and stay active.”

“Flavio plays with a lot of energy and determination and he has a lot of talent for this game,” said RCC men’s tennis coach Jim Elton.

Gonzalez is not only determined as an athlete but he is also determined as a person and he knows what he wants in life.

“I want to transfer out to a four-year college, hopefully with a tennis scholarship,” Gonzalez said. “I am majoring in business so that one day I can own my own international business.”

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