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Women’s tennis returns with heads held high

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By Kristen Wood

By Kristen Wood

The women’s tennis team finished their 2005 season with a good performance at regionals.RCC took two doubles teams to the tournament.The No. 1 team consisted of Lily Cornejo and Amber Houser. The No. 2 team included Carissa Lentz and Lauren Huxen.”The girls in the regional tournament did ok,” said coach Nikki Bonzoumet.Huxen and Lentz played a team from Bakersfield in the first round. The two lost in three sets to this team, who went on to qualify for the State Tournament.The Tigers no. 1 team, Cornejo and Houser, won their first round match against a Victor Valley team. It was a pretty easy win for the women who beat them in two sets 6-0, 6-1.In the second round Cornejo and Houser faced a pair from El Camino.”They were a really good team. The two ladies were a little older and played very smart, “Boznzoumet said.Riverside ended up losing to the team from El Camino 6-0, 6-2.Though neither team advances to the State Tournament, they played very well.”I’m really happy with the way they played,” said coach Bonzoumet.The RCC women’s tennis team finished the 2005 season 10-5overall and 5-5 in Orangle Empire Conference play.

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