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Car connoisseurs converge at local IHOP

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By Kevin Horvath

Every Saturday car enthusiasts in Corona can enjoy all types of vehicles including exotics, classics and the latest luxury cars at Cars and Coffee.  

Weekly from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. the IHOP off of 2450 Wardlow Road hosts a community who can gather and talk about cars as well as meet new friends. 

The location provides ample parking and a place to eat after the meet. “It was nice to actually have coffee available and be able to grab some breakfast from IHOP, ”  attendee Mike S. said.

This is the largest weekly car meet in the Inland Empire. It has evolved into “a real community and a social event for people who may have never met otherwise,” said Kraig Strom who founded Cars and Coffee in 2015. “When people gather for a common purpose complete strangers become the best of friends.” 

“Most of the car owners love chatting about their vehicles and will answer your questions happily,” Michael Meehan, an attendee at Cars and Coffee said. A way to learn more and get involved in the local car community allows for an event that everybody can look forward to. 

Many people who attend this meet make it part of their weekend routine due to the variety of over 150 cars per event. Not everyone has an exotic, classic or luxury car, but regulars can enjoy a large selection of vehicles to admire and it is almost like having an extensive car collection of your own.

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