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Chew The Clock Podcast 5: Cross country interviews and baseball playoffs

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Chew The Clock is a sports podcast hosted by staff reporter Peter Gibbs. Learn the latest about sports in Riverside City College and beyond. Listen to the first four episodes via the link to Spotify or Anchor.

Episode description

It’s time for episode 5! This episode, Peter talks about the cross country meet he went to and the usual RCC sports. Also, Hayden Kulick joins Peter to talk about the MLB playoffs.

Time stamps:

Peter goes out and talks about what he saw at the cross country race. (Cross country- 1:02)

Elani Huntley talked about the course conditions and how it affected her. (Huntley interview- 3:03)

The top finisher for the men, Gavyn Condit, discusses the weather and layout of the course. (Condit interview- 5:28)

Standout performer Kyle Reden talks about his mentality and how he trains. (Reden interview- 8:16)

Head Coach Jim McCarron speaks on the performances and expectations for the end of the year. (Coach McCarron interview- 10:50)

The losing streak is over! (Men’s water polo- 14:00)

A bit of a slump but a chance to get out of it. (Women’s volleyball- 14:36)

Updates on football and women’s water polo. (Upcoming schedule- 15:10)

Hayden Kulick comes on for playoff baseball. (Playoff conversation- 15:45)

Undefeated teams, close games and new seasons. (Professional sports- 31:28)

A repeat champion and champions brawling. (Global sports- 34:04)

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