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RCC art gallery connects with students at the opening reception of ‘Cutting Edges’


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By John Michael Guerrero

So, as many artists have voiced throughout the years, seasons change. 

Riverside City College’s art gallery’s latest exhibit honors that vibe. 

The gallery came alive during the opening reception for “Cutting Edges” on Oct. 6.

Gallery coordinator Matthew Luther says the purpose of these events is to connect students interested in art to on-campus resources and further inspire them through the Artist Talk, a separate event which focuses on the processes and background of each individual.

The reception was open to all, inviting students, faculty and outside visitors to admire the works of Leigh Salgado, Denise Kramer and Marthe Aponte. Their works on display had a main focus on feminine ideas, which helped to stir up discussion among many of the visitors.

“I expected the (display) pieces to be small,” RCC student Hilary Cervantes said. “What intrigued me is all of them are made of paper, which is just paper layered on paper. How do you do that.”

Free food, of course, enticed interaction at the open reception.

The three featured artists mingled while talking about their pieces, and also other topics brought up by attendees.

“My friend and I were going to see if (any of the artists) are here,” said Cervantes after learning the featured artists were at the event. “We wanted to look at the works first before talking to them.”

Like many other events held by other resource centers, the Art Gallery strives to connect students to local artists and show off various works by students during Student Art exhibits.

“Without a doubt (the gallery receptions) are good for students to see (art pieces) up close and in-person,” Luther said. “It is great for them to have this resource on-campus and be able to come here on a near daily basis and view the artwork, as well as come to the reception and meet the artists.” 

He said the gallery plans to work with Cheech Marin to display artworks from local artists to serve as a bridge between the RCC museum and The Cheech. A Faculty Showcase and Student Showcase is also planned to take place in the upcoming semester in the same location.

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