RCC students attend in-person spring Club Rush

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Peer leaders and advisors introduce students to equitable programs throughout Club Rush event. (Daesha Gear | Viewpoints)
By Alexandra Ugale Filarca

Club Rush returned to Riverside City College as an in-person event for the spring semester March 1 at Terracina Drive.

Booths lined up on both sides of the street where clubs like Active Minds, Model United Nations, Red Cross and various others participated. 

Unlike last semester’s event, this Club Rush was unique because it was held primarily in-person rather than a hybrid format.

“(In) the fall rush there were limited clubs,” Mark Madrid, a business administration major, said. “Now, it feels more colorful hanging out with friends.”

The event allowed club organizers to attract sign-ups by talking to prospective students and gave those who are not involved in clubs a chance to familiarize themselves with their college.

Due to last semester’s hybrid format, various RCC club representatives struggled to gather members. 

Now, these exact members, who once struggled a semester ago, are able to connect with students. 

“In many ways, it gets them connected to the college and to the community,” said Deborah “D.” Brown, advisor of the Sexuality and Gender Acceptance Club (SAGA). “It’s where you can meet people and really get engaged in things that you’re interested in.”

Clubs can also be used as an outlet for relieving stress, according to Allan Luminta, a member of the Martial Arts Club.

“In terms of academic performance, there’s a lot of factors that go into it,” Luminta said. “I feel like clubs do offer that mental health boost, and it’s a leisure activity.”

News of the event spread through social media after it was promoted on Instagram by the Associated Students of Riverside City College (ASRCC).

Food incentives were also provided as students received Chick-fil-A and funnel cake.

Additionally, ASRCC plans to honor Women’s History Month by organizing workshops and events dedicated to women empowerment.

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