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Associated Students of Riverside City College launch into 21st century with upcoming mobile app

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The Associated Students of Riverside City College hope to encourage student engagement with a mobile app that is under development and set to be made available to students soon. (Angel Peña | Viewpoints)
By Daniel Hernandez

Make some space on your cell phone’s storage because a new way to engage with Riverside City College’s student government is under construction.

The Associated Students of Riverside City College’s executive cabinet voted in favor of creating an app after they experienced difficulties updating their page on the new RCC website.

ASRCC aims to enhance engagement and communication with students through the app.

“A lot of the stuff from ASRCC is not (on the RCC website) yet,” Stefany Moctezuma, ASRCC vice president, said. “And we are still trying to figure out how we can add more stuff to it.” 

ASRCC is planning for the app to look like a “mini-version” of their page on the RCC website, but with the ability to update the app with information more frequently.

Student government conducted an Instagram survey asking students if they would use an app to receive information about ASRCC or if they preferred to continue using the website. A majority of the comment section expressed interest.

One student, who was asked whether or not she would download the app, was supportive of the increase in transparency the app would provide.

“I would totally use an app like that because communication from the school is very important and adds transparency,” Elannie Gutierrez, an RCC student said. “Especially because right now they use their school websites and Instagram to share information which gets lost very easily because of the layout.” 

However, some students seemed to be skeptical. 

“I usually download apps that give helpful reminders for deadlines and events happening,” Cindy Flores, another RCC student, said. “ If it’s just an app about student organization information, then I probably most likely won’t (download it).”

No official release date has been set by ASRCC, but the organizers are hopeful that the app will be ready soon.

“Hopefully by the beginning of the spring, that’s going to be our goal,” Moctezuma said. “We still have to work out some details on the contract and the invoice.”

A meeting will be held near the end of February between student government and the app developer to finalize the details of the contract and the invoice.

ASRCC has previously worked with the developer on creating discount cards for students. The developer has experience working on similar apps for other college campuses as well.

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