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Measures on the Riverside ballot

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Measure Q

If passed, Riverside City Council vacancies will be filled through special elections, not appointments, when the open term is more than one year long. Council members appointed to fill spots with less than one year left in the term will not be allowed to list themselves as incumbents or council members during the following election. According to CaliforniaChoices.org, the fiscal impact of each special election is an estimated $63,000.

Measure R

If passed, Riverside City Council elections will move from odd years to even years in order to have them coincide with state elections. The measure would take effect in 2022. According to CaliforniaChoices.org, no fiscal impact has been submitted.

Measure S

If passed, proposed changes to the Riverside City Charter would require review by the Charter Review Committee before being placed on the ballot by the City Council. This will not apply to voter initiatives. The fiscal impact would be minimal, according to CaliforniaChoices.org.

Measure T

If passed, the requirement to provide paper copies of the city’s budget in all Riverside public libraries and departments would be removed. It aims to reduce costs associated with production and distribution of paper copies, according to CaliforniaChoices.org.

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