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Police issue Rave Guardian alert

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By Samantha Bartholomew

Riverside Community College District police officials issued a Rave Guardian alert for students and faculty to be on the lookout for a man arrested for trespassing at Riverside City College.

Deandre Johnson, 23, was spotted in the Digital Library Auditorium at RCC on July 10, where he proceeded to steal two books and leave the location. Johnson was located near the Charles A. Kane Student Services Building and was arrested for trespassing and petty theft. Johnson was later booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center.

Johnson returned to RCC and began to disrupt the students July 11. A call for service was placed and Johnson was again arrested for trespassing. He is out on inactive probation and was last seen wearing a yellow sweatshirt, white under shirt and blue jeans.

Johnson was previously arrested in Moreno Valley on June 12 and 19 for trespassing, refusal to leave property and resisting arrest. According to a press release, has made statements that he is not afraid to fight the police and has a previous arrest for fighting with the police.

Students and faculty are advised to notify the RCCD Police at 951-222-8171 if they see Johnson.

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