Editorial: Abortion bill represses female civil rights

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Misogynist legislators in the state of Georgia are classifying women who need abortions as  second degree murderers.

The new bill passed in Georgia and other states soon followed. The bill proposes that a woman will not be allowed by any doctor to abort a fetus after a heartbeat is detected, which usually occurs within six weeks. Any physician willing to perform an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected may be subject to losing their medical practice license.

With the bill in effect, unborn children will be recognized as natural persons and will be included into the general population in certain states. The bill also states that the full value of a child begins at the point when a detectable human heartbeat exists, meaning the fetus will be entitled to receive alimony and child support.

We feel the bill further contributes to the mockery that is the justice system and the fact that the decision was made by a room full of old white men further pushes the idea that women exist only to be whatever men want.

This law does not keep the well-being of the mother in mind and it is a law against the female body decided by a council of sexist men who will never consider the lives of theses children who they will never spare another thought for after they are born.

Let’s be clear, this bill is about power. If there was actual concern about reducing the number of abortions, these politicians would fight for free contraceptives and take more strides for comprehensive sex education.

Criminalizing abortion simply controls the narrative of who is allowed to have a abortion. The privileged will always have that option, but the disenfranchised will either be criminals or be forced to stay trapped in poverty.

The very concept of abortion will never go away no matter how many laws you try to pass and limit a woman’s ability to do so. All these laws will do is increase the number of unsafe abortions women will do on their own.

If the states passing or considering this bill care so much about children, their leaders should devote their time to ensuring that children in poverty have proper resources and that LGBT children have a safe place to go if they’re forced out of their homes. They should focus on finding ways to ensure that there is a brighter future for all children, not just the ones that fit the image you want to use to push your hateful and outright possessive politics.

Being pro-life should extend to all life and should not just be embryonic. That means taking care of the children in Flint, Michigan that are drinking leaded water or having them being born into a world that does not view a child in poverty as just a statistic.

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