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Softball takes double header

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By Luis Quintero

Riverside City College softball team defeated Orange Coast College and Allan Hancock College on March 16.

The crowd could not help but become completely engulfed in the game as runs were being scored, pop flys caught and RBI’s made.

The Tigers added two more victories to their six game winning streak and are now 17-6 in conference.

“I think we work harder than any other team,” right fielder Kayla Giannatasio said. “We worked really hard at practice to get where we’re at right now.”

As the first game against Orange Coast began, pitcher Riley Peckels stepped on the mound to start for the ninth time this season. In her previous outing she threw a no hitter against Golden West College.

Peckels’ teammates cheered her on from the dugout with lyrics from radio hits varying from pop to rap and everything in between, she rolled over the first six batters and put the Tigers in a defensive lead.

As the game unraveled, so did the runs. Catcher Aeriel Carlson hit an RBI double to left field sending shortstop Kailee Gilbert and third baseman Terri Nava home giving them the lead.

The top of the seventh inning ended the first game with a 4-2 victory for RCC.

The Tigers maintained their momentum in the second game against Allan Hancock and scored 12 total runs, only allowing four.

Their offense was strong, ending the game with two errors but they won’t let those slide. “Our goal is to have zero strikeouts and zero errors” said Terri Nava.

“Whether were winning or not we try to figure out our weakness and work on it,” said head coach Michelle Daddona.

Tigers softball is looking to continue their seven game winning streak on March 23 at Cypress College. 

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