Editorial: Editors support impeachment

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The idea of impeaching President Donald Trump has been an underlying tone in the voices of people that oppose him even before his election win last year.

Talk of impeachment or resignation has been a hopeful conversation among those who are still baffled at what this beloved nation has fallen to under the leadership of Trump.

In early October, most opposed people saw their thoughts during a one-minute advertisement in the middle of the World Series with roughly 60 million people watching.

Obstruction of justice? Did Trump not fire James Comey to prevent the FBI’s “witch hunt?”

Did Trump bring us to the brink of nuclear war? Was the majority of the population not terrified that millions of the American population were going to be killed because of the president’s carelessness?

Threatened to shut down news organizations? Trump called members of the press “Enemy of the American people” less than a month into his presidency and has been a continuous opposer of negative coverage about him.

We, the Viewpoints Editorial Board, have all signed this petition.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with the intent of Tom Steyer’s comments, few have been able to debunk any of the statements he made about Trump’s actions with more than a nasty remark in the comments section.

The ad clearly hit a nerve with Trump’s detractors and supporters: 1.5 million people have signed Steyer’s online petition supporting impeachment as of Nov. 7. Along with airing during the World Series, the spot ran on Fox News only to be pulled over negative reactions from viewers, according to the network. But why?

Steyer is not the first to call for the impeachment of Trump. Many have been doing that since Nov. 9, 2016.

Steyer is not the first to post a video about all of Trump’s injustices against the American people and our allies. Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver has been running ads for Trump since late February.

The reason Steyer’s criticism against Trump has not fallen away from the public is both simple and complex, he spent $10 million to run those ads.

If Steyer were just some guy from California complaining about Trump, all he would’ve gotten was a handful of re-tweets and then fallen into the void with the rest of the world’s Trump backlash.

It’s easy to sit behind your cell phone screen, tweeting and posting about everything in the upsets you. It’s easy to sneer at your television screens and shout about how mad you are. After all, the president does it everyday.

And that’s the problem.

The need for raising a collective voice has never been stronger, but we have learned time and time again that the Trump administration doesn’t care about what they consider to be the average American. They do not care about the teachers, the nurses or the retail workers. They care about their people. The people with money.

Steyer is not demanding the American people to stand up against Trump’s administration because they’re already doing that and have been for a long time.

Steyer is telling the American people to demand our elected officials to fight back against Trump because they are the ones that have the resources, funds and power to bring this administration down.

Money helped bring them into the highest office in the nation and it’s going to take money to get them out.

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  1. Trump has not done anything wrong that is an impeachable offense you guys are just mad he has the balls Obama did not have.#Trump2020

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